To generate Leads, we use Digital Marketing in many forms:

– Website

– Blog

– LinkedIn and Facebook pages

– Email campaigns

– Reach-out campaigns

– Digital Events e.g. Insuretech Connect Global

– Digital Marketplaces e.g. Gartner Digital Markets, The Digital Insurer etc.


1. Candidate should be able to read and write very well in English.

– From time to time, the Candidate will be expected to write contents in websites, blogs etc. and most definitely the Candidate will be expected to review all contents e.g. interviews, press releases and videos that are produced by outsourced companies and individuals.

– Candidate will be expected to read approximately 20 insurance industry and technology specific websites regularly and identify key updates and trends, so that the same can be leveraged in Nest’s messaging.

2. Candidate should be able to speak in English fluently.

– From time to time, Candidate will need to speak to senior marketeers as well as sales persons from marketing and/or branding companies located outside India. From time to time, Candidate will need to speak to senior executives of insurance organizations, usually located outside India. Language should not become a barrier in such conversations.

3. Candidate should have willingness to learn and should be enterprising enough to experiment.

– Marketing technologies are evolving all the time, and one of the key issues of marketeers is that they are unwilling to operate outside comfort zone. This must not be the case. For example, we use and Google Analytics. If a 3rd tool is opted for or offers specific capabilities, Candidate should be able to try it out.

4. Candidate should have experience / good understanding of insurance industry in general, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ad Campaigns, Email Marketing Tools etc. since the delivery will all depend upon these. Google Analytics and SEO are critical for success in Digital Marketing.

5. Candidate should have a sense of ownership and responsibility, and should be a go getter.

Job Location: Kolkata
Experience (Years): 2-3 Years

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